Ruth and Ed Quillian
Ruth and Ed Quillian share ownership of QCA Photography & Graphic Arts Business. They have worked hard to get a wide subject variety of quality images available for customers to view from. We also accomplish special requested photo images by the customers.
Ruth's  Bio: Ruth grew up spending almost all her time in the outdoors enjoying all outdoor activities. She spent 22 years in the United Stated Air Force as an aircraft mechanic. She has a degree in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Industrial safety and has worked in the Defense Industry for over 20 years, first as a Quality Assurance Professional and now as a Fixed Asset Administrator. She lives in Cocoa Florida with her husband Ed, a once stray cat and a rescued dog. Ed's Bio: He is a resident of Cocoa Florida, a photographer and artist that enjoys capturing the details of everyday life in the images that he captures. He takes an ordinary image and transforms it to a detailed image that provides a different prospective on the image. Photographs taken in Macro provide a never revealed level of detail that has not been viewed. It is like any work accomplished... the difference is in the details. He spent over 23 years with the US Air Force and Reserves, with a tour overseas in Vietnam and Thailand. He worked as an Aircraft Mechanic. He also worked as a Quality Assurance Specialist and Manager with the Government. He built, established and was certified in his own business in computer repair, network install and repair for the last 20 years. He was a Boy Scout when he was young, and has always loved the outdoors. It has been about helping or sharing with others.
Ruth's Artist Statement: I love outdoor photography. I enjoy taking pictures of Nature, Landscapes, and Cityscapes. I am an outdoors person and am an avid camper and hiker. I have been taking photographs since I was a child and my recent entry into digital photography has opened a whole new world. I love it when I show someone a photo and they say "I know where that is" or "I've been there." I am always learning something new in the world of photography. I promote the art of photography and try to help others learn something new in the world of Art and Photography. The tools I utilize are Pentax cameras, zoom lens, and associated equipment and software. Ed's Artist Statement: I am a photographic artist, who captures detail and colorful images that get your attention and POP out at you. They evoke thought and emotion in the observer of the artist image. Real life is in the little details of daily existence, so I capture those moments for all to view and experience in. My associated tools are Nikon digital cameras, macro lens, zoom lens, and picture image editing software. The software provides the capability of taking a normal everyday picture, through enhancement and bring out the little details in the image. This usually changes the complete image meaning to give the viewer a different prospective of the image. I enjoy building a relationship with the viewer and my artistic images.

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